YouTuber Develops iPhone Lens Filter System That Uses Apple’s MagSafe

pan's scheme filters

iPhone shooters may soon get a chance to utilize a new lens filter lineup called the Pan’s iPhone Magnetic Filter System that easily snaps onto any recent model thanks to MagSafe.

This system is the brainchild of YouTuber Mediastorm who founded Pan’s Scheme, the company that developed and is producing the filters. It consists of two components: the base, which magnetically attaches to compatible iPhones, and the filter that mounts on the base. Based on current designs, that means the Pans Scheme filters are compatible with the iPhone 12 and 13 models and very likely the newer iPhone 14 devices that are expected to come next month, should they keep the same lens module.

There are five filter types to start: ND Filter Bundle, Black Mist, Cross-star, Blue Streak, and Gold Streak. They can be used with any of three iPhone rear lenses. Rather than an external lens or clamp filter that blocks one or both of the other lenses, these were designed to cover the whole array, so switching lenses delivers the same effect. As there’s nothing to adjust or configure, you can just take your shot after switching.

This approach is not unique to Pan’s Scheme but it’s much more intuitive than other companies. NiSi recently released a series of iPhone filters which mimic full-size camera filters. However, they aren’t as easy to mount as Pan’s Scheme, so it’s a bit more complicated.

pan's scheme filters

The company claims that the filters have been rigorously tested to ensure users don’t experience ghosting and other unwanted effects. They can be used for still and video images. The ND Filter Bundle, for example, has four filters that emulate multiple f-stops to adapt to various exposures. The Blue and Gold Streak filters each come with two filters to accommodate for shooting in portrait or landscape.

pan's scheme filters

What is not clear is how these filters might work with cases, especially those that supper MagSafe. According to current renderings and photos, it seems that the iPhone’s best protection is when the case doesn’t cover the device.

PetaPixel will be taking a closer look at these filters to see if the ease of use and results come out as claimed as soon as the filters become available. Pan’s Scheme says it will launch a Kickstarter campaign on September 6 to officially launch the products, though not yet clear what it plans to do for retail availability longer-term.