Wormholes are real and we may know how to find them now

Wormholes are real and we may know how to find them now

The idea that wormholes are real may seem far-fetched. It is not science fiction to imagine a tunnel running from one place in space to the next, thousands of light years away. But now, scientists say that wormholes may actually exist. They may even know where to look.

The researchers published a study on the subject in Physical Review D. In it, the authors discuss how it may be possible to use data from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) to determine whether or not a black hole is a traversable wormhole or just a standard black hole.

The goal was to use data on the polarization of light around a black hole that was captured using the EHT to determine if a black hole was a traversable wormhole or not. They found that there was a difference of polarization in a black hole and one connecting to another point in time. This made it hard to know.

With the observations that they had, it was impossible to determine if a blackhole is a wormhole connecting somewhere else in space. However, they found that by looking at higher-energy light, they could bring that difference in polarization up to around 50 percent. These observations allowed us to confirm the existence of a Wormhole.

However, there aren’t currently any known black holes that have offered any kind of reliable observations of this type. It is actually difficult to observe black holes. We don’t even have the technology necessary to take a image from a black hole ,, let alone to determine its location.

Once we have higher-powered telescopes, or even better probes, perhaps scientists will be able to definitively determine where a wormhole is, and then perhaps we can even look into ways to travel through wormholes to other parts of the universe.

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