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Why doesn’t vodka freeze? Here’s the cold, hard truth about the spirit

If you put wine or beer in a freezer, it will be frozen solid in just a few hours.

But if you put vodka in your home freezer, it won’t freeze, even after weeks — or months.

Whether you are mixing vodka and fruit juices for a classic screwdriver or creating a Moscow Mule with ice, but not frozen vodka, from your home freezer, the flavor of the drink will be enhanced.

It is common practice to keep vodka chilled in your freezer, so you can have it at hand whenever needed.

Yet, it’s possible that you have wondered why vodka doesn’t freeze in your home freezer . .

A scientist revealed the hard, cold truth behind why vodka doesn’t freeze.

What’s alcohol got to do with it?

The alcohol in liquor is ethanol.

“Vodka is typically around 80 proof, which means it contains 40% ethanol by volume,” said Tara S. Carpenter, PhD, a principal lecturer in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in Baltimore.

If you like your vodka on its own, without any mixer , or prefer to drink vodka in shots, then storing your vodka in the freezer will be a good idea.

For most vodka, storing it in the freezer is the way to go, and it will probably make the shot much easier to handle, according to the VinePair.com.

What’s the consensus on whether to keep vodka in the freezer?

Many Americans keep a bottle or two stored in their home freezer, but is that truly the best place to store it?

If your vodka of choice is top-tier, skip the freezer, Grey Goose vodka creator Francois Thibault told Business Insider.

If you prefer a more budget-friendly vodka, he said it’s not a bad idea to keep it in the freezer, since cold temperatures may mask the vodka’s notes or properties, which could be “aggressive” and “burning,” according to Thibault.

So, deciding to store vodka in your home freezer is a personal decision.

It will not freeze but its quality could influence your decision to keep it in the fridge or freezer.

Don’t worry if you decide not to keep vodka in your freezer. You will have more space for pizzas and ice-cream.

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