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We could be closer to a horrifying climate collapse than we previously thought

A major climate tipping point could be closer than we thought. Researchers say that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Current (AMOC) could be closer to collapse than we previously believed. If this current collapses, it would lead to catastrophic results all around the world.

The new study that warns about this impending collapse was published in Science Advances. It’s an interesting study that highlights the current risk that AMOC is sitting at. The current plays a key role in how warm water and cold waters are transported through our oceans. And if it fails, it could lead to some insane climate changes all over the place.

The scientists called the potential collapse of AMOC as a “global change.” This would lead to scorching temperatures in the Tropics and freezing temperatures in Europe. There will also be an increased sea level rise over the North Atlantic.

The new findings argue that the collapse is much closer than previously highlighted in an assessment by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Researchers say that action is needed soon in order to have a positive impact. Otherwise, we could see this tipping point and subsequent collapse of AMOC happen as soon as the next few decades.

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However, the researchers don’t highlight any specific date or timetable for when the collapse might happen. They do say that it could change many things in our world including agriculture if the collapse occurs. If the warm water isn’t allowed to travel northwards, the ice in the north will slowly migrate south.

This would allow that ice to cover England and parts of Europe, fundamentally changing the temperature by one to two degrees celsius. That might not sound like a huge difference, but again, that small difference can easily snowball and lead to more changes. A collapse of the AMOC would therefore be an incredibly terrifying event.

Others have argued that the tipping point could pass as early as 2050. It may seem like a long time, but it is not enough to have a significant impact. Any plan we come up with for stopping climate change would take many years, both to agree on and to create. This is only important if anything can be done.

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