Watch astronomers reveal a ‘groundbreaking discovery’ of the Milky Way galaxy

Watch astronomers reveal a ‘groundbreaking discovery’ of the Milky Way galaxy

This morning, a collaboration of scientists with the Event Horizon Telescope initiative is set to unveil a “groundbreaking discovery” about our Milky Way galaxy. The team has provided little details about what they’re announcing, but the mysterious news will be livestreamed at 9AM ET.

You may remember the Event Horizon Telescope team from 2019, when the group revealed the first picture ever taken of a black hole’s shadow. Back then, the team showed off an image of a supermassive black hole located in the center of a galaxy called Messier 87, or M87. It was a massive undertaking that entailed observing the black hole for a week in April of 2017, using eight radio telescopes stationed in Chile, Hawaii, Antarctica, and elsewhere, and then piecing together that data with supercomputers.

It is possible for the group to reveal another stunning black hole image. However, this time they would show one within our galaxy. During the April 2017 observation run, the EHT team also observed the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way, called Sagittarius A*, or Sgr A*. Scientists admitted that it was more difficult to piece together the image due to interference between Earth’s surface and the black hole. They may have been able to resolve those issues five years after they were first encountered.

It’s possible the EHT team might reveal something entirely different. The results have not been revealed in advance. We will all discover together.

What time does the EHT livestream start?

The EHT livestream will begin at 9AM ET.

Scheduled time: New York: 9AM / San Francisco: 6AM / London: 2PM / Berlin: 3PM / Moscow: 4PM / New Delhi: 6:30PM / Beijing: 9PM / Tokyo: 10PM / Melbourne: 11PM

Where can I watch the announcement?

The announcement will be streamed live on the website of the National Science Foundation, which helps to fund research facilities used by the EHT. The announcement will also stream live on YouTube and Facebook.

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