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US Navy to Test AI-Powered Virtual Assistant for Crews

Amidst severe staff shortages, the U.S. Navy is set to launch an AI tech support pilot program.

” “She is currently undergoing testing and evaluation with the Navy, and we are planning a test pilot for this month, where they will provide us specific programs for us to use,” Travis Dawson told DefenseOne .

Dubbed Amelia by the Navy, the program will guide sailors in the repair of technical issues with the thousands of IT systems on Navy ships.

GDIT said they’ve been working with the program managers and manufacturers of those systems to make sure Amelia’s responses are accurate. These systems are in use throughout the Navy, and the rest of the world.

But, the interface was designed to record instructions. Amelia is already a popular AI program that financial and other institutions use to let clients do banking without having to talk to people.

However, in those instances, the civilian customer has assured, high-bandwidth connectivity, which a sailor deployed aboard a naval vessel may not. GDIT worked to make sure the program can operate under a variety of circumstances. Getting those efforts over the finish line is a big part of the reason they want to begin working with a small number of sailors for the upcoming pilot.

“We will be testing…with afloat unit, high bandwidth and low bandwidth capability, in some remote overseas locations. We just want to know what the performance is, in terms of throughput and response time. Dawson asked: “How long will it take for them to log on and establish a connection?” “So, just basic user acceptance testing?… Will the end user tell us that hey, just based off of their location, if I’m on X type of ship, and I have this type of bandwidth, was my connectivity satisfactory based off of other systems that we’re using?”

That pilot will lead to a phased rollout of the program in July and August.

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