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UFO whistleblower claims US government is hiding evidence of non-human craft

An Air Force veteran with over 14 years of experience as an intelligence offer has dropped quite the bombshell this week. According to David Charles Grusch, a former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and National Reconnaissance Office turned UFO whistleblower, the US government has recovered “intact craft of non-human origin,” and they’re keeping it a secret from the public.

Over the past day or so, Grusch has shared this news with several different outlets, even telling NewsNationNow that the government has a program that looks to retrieve “non-human exotic origin vehicles that have either landed or crashed.”

Grusch says he previously served as a senior technical adviser for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. During that time Grusch says he was refused access to the program which included physical evidence of intact crafts of non-human origin. Grusch, who has become a UFO whistleblower now, believes that everyone should be informed of the truth.

Ross: We have spacecraft from another species?David: We do. Yeah. Today at 6pm EST, @rosscoulthart‘s interview with David Charles Grusch will air on @NewsNation.Earlier today, @Debriefmedia published an article on Grusch and his knowledge of the US’ UAP retrieval program…. pic.twitter.com/bgcVKCoTB7

— Zack James (@ZackJamesOBZ) June 5, 2023

Grusch claims that the recovery of partial fragments, as well as intact vehicles, has been made for decades, according to The Debrief. Further, he says that analysis of these objects has proven that they are “of exotic origin,” meaning they’re not human.

The hunt for alien life has been an ongoing objective for many astronomers over the past several decades, and we’ve had our fair share of people claiming they’ve found UFOs, like the claims a UFO is sitting at the bottom of the ocean. However, having a high-ranking intelligence officer come out as a UFO whistleblower and make such claims, and offer such possible evidence is certain to get people talking.

But what exactly should you believe in? That’s not a question that I can answer for you. Why is it so hard to believe that an alien species has somehow found us? According to reports, Grusch was deemed “beyond reproach” and all the information he provided agencies had been cleared by Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review.

It’s also unusual to see a UFO whistleblower from the Air Force coming forward, as that particular branch has been even less forthcoming about UFO-related discoveries than others.

If the claims are true, though, it does leave one wondering just how much the government has managed to find, and what we could learn from it. We’ll hopefully see the results of further investigations soon. Grusch has filed complaints to Congress since last year.

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