Uber-Like App Candid Sync Lets You Book a Photographer On-Demand

Uber-Like App Candid Sync Lets You Book a Photographer On-Demand

A new platform for photography, Candid Synchro allows users to find a local photographer and book them an “instant” shoot.

The upcoming app is targeted at social media influencers and everyday people who want to post better images on their feeds, and who don’t mind paying photographers a fee for their service.

“Candid Sync offers the only online photography booking service. The company claims that they offer photoshoots to anyone in minutes using a simple mobile app interface.

With the growth of social media photo-driven, everyone needs photos. From influencers to tourists to business owners to photographers. You never know what the perfect scene might be.”

Candid Synch says users can hire photographers when they visit tourist attractions, go to the gym or at work. Professionals can help influencers plan a shoot.

“Picture Candid Sync changing photography the way ride-sharing services changed transportation. Candid Sync says that with widespread smartphone access, it is now possible to use a more efficient system for booking photography sessions.

Uber for Photography

The company plan to launch first in New York City where they “have a great group of varied, experienced photographers already on board.” The company is hoping that the app becomes to photography what Uber and Grubhub are to taxis and food.

Users can open the app and view profiles of nearby photographers. These profiles include their name, ratings, experience, rating, estimated travel time, and estimated distance. The camera operators will be ranked into three categories: photographer, professional photographer, and verified photographer.

The cost for the shoot allows users to choose their favorite three photos. If the person wants more than three then they will be able to purchase additional photos.

Last year PetaPixel reported on Shoott, a similar platform where users can book brief 30-minute photoshoots and promises the photographer a $100 per hour guaranteed minimum rate. At the time of publication, the company still appears to be active.

Similarly, an app called Picquest was also hailed as Uber for photography back in 2014 but the website now appears to be defunct.

Image credits: All photos by Candid Sync.