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Top archaeologist reveals real reason behind ‘curse of the pharaohs’

A top archaeologist recently explained that the curse of the pharaohs — which had supposedly caused the demise of those who dared to disturb the ancient tombs — was actually a simple case of built-up germs.

Zahi Hass, former Egyptian Minister of State for Antiques Affairs, told the US Sun that the mythical plague does not exist and offered advice to archaeologists about how to prevent a tragic fate.

The mythical curse is believed to befall anyone who disturbs mummified remains, which includes the men who cracked open Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Among those who suffered was Lord Carnarvon. He died from a mosquito bite that he had cut when shaving, five months after the Tutankhamun tomb opened in 1923.

Others include American financier George Jay Gould who died from pneumonia in 1923, after viewing the tomb and Sir Archibald Douglass Reid who died while X-raying a mummy at the British Museum.

British archaeologist Howard Carter died 17 years after the discovery of Hodgkin’s disease, though media at the time still fed into the curse frenzy, according to the newspaper.

Hawass said that the deaths were due to a scientific explanation.

“When you have a mummy inside a tomb, this mummy has germs that you cannot see,” he told The Sun, adding. “Archaeologists in the past, they were in a hurry and they entered inside the tombs and they were hit by germs and they died.”

Hawass said he avoids a similar fate by leaving the room of a newly-opened tomb for 30 minutes to clear up the germs, citing a recent expedition.

“Only two weeks ago I found a sealed sarcophagus, 25 tonnes in weight about 60 feet under the ground,” he explained to The Sun. “The lid of the sarcophagus was about six tonnes. The lid was raised by two men, and I could then put my head in to see the contents.

“When they opened it I left it open for half an hour until the bad air would go out and the fresh air would go in and I put my head and nothing. That’s the curse of the pharaohs.”

When asked if the curse boiled down to ancient germs, Hawass replied, “Exactly.”

Hawass explained that when the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb was made, the exclusive rights were given to the London Times, leaving other reporters to let speculation run rampant.

“Then the rest of the reporters cannot write anything,” he said. “But when Lord Carnarvon died five months after the discovery, they created many stories about the curse that were not true.”

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