TikTok is Encouraging its Users to Credit The Source of Videos

TikTok Crediting Creators

Social-media behemoth TikTok is rolling out a new feature that encourages users to credit the appropriate creator who inspired a video.

A fresh button will allow TikTokers to tag, mention, and credit a video within the description of a post, TikTok says. The platform hopes that influential creators will receive the recognition they deserve.

“It is important to see the culture of credit develop across digital landscapes and to support underrepresented authors in being properly acknowledged and celebrated for what they have done,” Kudzi Chikumbi (Director of Creator Community at TikTok) says.

” We’re excited to see the new creator crediting tools instil more creativity and encourage trend-attribution throughout the global TikTok Community.

TikTok Crediting Creators

” Inspiration can come from any source, so it is important to have the tools available that TikTok will continue to be a place that celebrates creativity and gives credit where appropriate,” Chikumbi states.

Engadget reports that a group of Black creators went on strike last year over a lack of attribution for their efforts.

TikTok influencer Rick Louis called out the culture of stealing ideas by pretending he was about to share a dance he created for a Megan Thee Stallion song, before flipping the bird at the camera. The caption reads “Sike. This app would be nothing without black people.”

TikTok Crediting Creators

Chikumbu says that TikTok is committed to investing in resources and product experiences that ensure TikTok remains a home for creative expression.

The director also adds that the platform is working to lift up creators of trends through initiatives like its originator series. Its creator portal also stresses the importance of including proper attribution for trend originators and gives tips on how to find them.

Social-Media Companies Are Valuing Original Content

TikTok isn’t the only social-media company trying to add value to original content. Instagram recently tweaked its algorithm to “value original content more.”

YouTube has also got in on the act by making giving attribution on its Shorts videos automatically when users remix one for their own channel. YouTube Studio allows users to opt-out of having their videos remixed.

Image credits: All photos via TikTok