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This vibrating weight-loss pill actually worked in early animal trials

Good vibes can get you far, and now, they may even help you lose weight. Researchers and engineers created a pill which vibrates to make you feel satisfied without eating as much. VibES, or the Vibratory-Ingestible BioElectronic Stimulator, has been tested on pigs only, but its results are promising.

It’s funny to think about. A vibrating pill may be the most outlandish of all the weight-loss products we have seen tested over the years. And yet, the VIBES pill could very well be the foundation of a new generation of weight-loss supplements.

The vibrating weight-loss pill works by stimulating the nerve endings that sense when the stomach expands, allowing your body to register your stomach as full even though it isn’t. The testing has been limited to a small number of young Yorkshire pigs. However, the results published in Science Advances are very promising and show that the six pigs that were given the pill ate 40% less than the ones that received a placebo.

The biomedical engineers involved with the study say that these results are roughly what they expected, but that they were also supposed by the consistency of the effect. The big VIBES pills did not cause the participants to lose weight. However, they didn’t gain as much as the control group.

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One of the main inspirations behind the vibrating weight-loss pill was to offer better ways to manage your weight. Currently, weight-loss medications like Wegovy and Zepbound are expensive and may require the person to continue to get the injections to keep the weight off. But with the VIBES pill, you’d be able to decide when and when not to use it, giving you more control over how the stimulus is given.

Ofcourse, this is not without its caveats. You can’t just dupe the brain until the end of time. And the researchers say they don’t know how long the trick that VIBES relies on will actually work. If the brain decides that the stretch signals given by the stomach are a reliable cue for how much food was consumed, then it will rely on other measures that the pill doesn’t address.

Still, it’s a notably intriguing weight-loss option that will be interesting to keep an eye on going into the new year, as the researchers no doubt look deeper into the possibilities that it unlocks.

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