This Music Video Was Made Entirely from Google Street View Images

A music video has been made entirely from Google Street View images that takes in locations from all around the world.

Director Adam Chitayat made the mesmerizing timelapse video while trapped indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic and was “desperate for the outside world beyond my doorstep, city, state, and country,” he says.

I started a project with only Google Maps Streetview Images. I viewed and downloaded the world from my desk, finding amazing spaces, altering, hand tracking, and creating timelapses and shots,’ Chitayat writes on Vimeo.

At first, he was unsure what to do with the unique creation. The director suggested a Swedish song that would fit.

“I heard the latest album from Axel Boman. This song was by one of my favourite artists. It has such an idealistic and propulsive reaching out to the larger world.

The song, Out Sail , features Man Tear, Inre Frid. The relaxed electronic tune has a distinctive flickering sound running throughout that synergizes with the constant frame changes in the video.

Axel Boman was thrilled with the work, writing on Instagram: “ Out Sailing from my album LUZ has been visualized!”

The Wonders of Google Street View

Axel Boman was thrilled with the work, with the DJ writing on Instagram: “Out Sailing from my album LUZ has been visualized!”

“Using only Google Street views and very clever editing, Adam Chitayat has created a mind-blowing trip around the globe…Thank you so much.”

The Wonders of Google Street View

Earlier this week, PetaPixel reported on a British woman who was left “flabbergasted” after she was captured on Google Maps Street View standing in the exact same spot nine years apart.

More of Chitayat’s work can be found on his Instagram and website.