This Japanese city is built inside a volcano that could blow at any moment – DNyuz

This Japanese city is built inside a volcano that could blow at any moment

Living on an island can be nice. Some families move to tropical islands to fulfill this dream. Not all islands are what they seem. For over 200 people, home is a ticking time bomb. That’s because these people have built their lives atop the island of Aogashima, in a city that lies inside of an active volcano that could blow at any moment.

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Aogashima is an absolutely beautiful island located 200 miles south of Tokyo that might look picturesque, but the island is hiding a deadly secret, and that’s the fact that this beautiful island paradise could come tumbling down at any moment.

The island has been inhabited for hundreds of years, DMARGE reports. For many in the Japanese city of Osaka, the volcano is just a part of life. Despite being considered active, the volcano hasn’t experienced a major eruption since 1785, when it decimated the island population.

This eruption didn’t change how beautiful and idyllic the island was, nor how many people chose to live there. The city lies within the main crater of the Japanese volcano, under constant watch by the Japanese Meteorological Agency, the nation’s department of volcano experts.

Despite the risk, many local citizens consider the island a perfect place to live. One islander said, “No one can beat nature.” This is why many people are happy to live in Aogashima. It is a beautiful island and a great place to live, as long as you don’t mind the volcano under your feet.

The Japanese people hope that the volcanic mass will remain peaceful, so they can continue enjoying the little piece of paradise. The islanders are willing to risk their lives if things change. They’re not afraid of the possibility that a volcano could explode in lava or fire.

And, honestly, who can blame them? Aogashima is so beautiful I might even be tempted to call some place like it home, even with the added risk. After all, this tiny Japanese city isn’t the only one gambling with the power of mother nature.

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