This Dual-Purpose Bottle Keeps Water and Film Cool for 24 Hours

PPP cameras have announced an innovative way to make film more accessible and part of everyday life. This is done by embedding a film holder in the bottom of a water bottles.

Film should be used within a few days of purchase (or as close as the date on which it was produced). Over time, color film can become less durable due to heat or humidity. The best way to keep film from degrading, which can result in muted colors, is to keep it cool and dry. Keep film in the fridge.

PPP Cameras – a UK-based shop that sells film and camera accessories, has created a method to transport that environment with the PPP Footprint Holder .. Spotted by Popular Photography, the PPP Film Holder is designed to allow photographers to always have film with them and keep that film in good condition as long as they intend to stay hydrated. When the bottle is filled with cold water, it can keep that water and rolls of film cool for up to 24 hours.

“We have developed a reusable water bottle that will carry your film as well as water,” PPP Cameras founder Pierro Pozella says. It is lightweight, easy to transport, heat-resistant, and can be carried in your handbag .”

The bottle comes in two sizes and the film holder unscrews from the base of the water bottle and reveals a 3D printed film carrying canister. The small bottle can carry up to three 35mm rolls of film and 470 milliliters of water. The larger bottle can carry up to four 35mm or 120 rolls of film and 750 milliliters of water.

It is unlikely that film wouldn’t be able to handle the heat of a single day or even a series of days, but prolonged exposure can damage it. If a photographer refills the water bottle with cold water every day, then film can always be kept on hand while also keeping it cool. This would, theoretically, allow a photographer to always be prepared with film while on the go while also assuring that the film doesn’t degrade over time.

The PPP Film Holder is available from PPP Cameras for PS25 (about $14. 50) for the small, while the larger version is available for PS30 (about $36).