These are the Most Popular Video Games for Virtual Photography

Video game photography remains a relatively new medium with Gran Turismo 4 in 2005 the first to offer a photo mode.

However, this list has increased in size and Crucial has released an study that examines the top videogames for photo.

Red Dead

red dead

Red Dead

Topping the list is 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2 with fans posting 457,000 photography Instagram posts for the game. That is one-fifth of all posts related to the game.

It is perhaps unsurprising that the Wild West-themed game heads the list, with a dedicated subreddit to photography from the game.

The game’s world is littered with spectacular Old West landscapes and fascinating characters. It is set in 1899, some 50 years after the advent of the camera, making it reminiscent of pioneering photographers who actually covered the fabled cowboy country.

Red Dead

red dead

red dead

“Being one of the most realistic video games to date, Rockstar’s highly anticipated prequel tops our list as the most popular game for photography, with a fifth of user-generated content on Instagram being in-game photography,” writes Crucial.

” The character models and animations, as well as the realistic environment and environments will have you questioning if they are real. .”

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Second on this list is this decade’s Ghost of Tsushima. It is similar to Red Dead , and has beautiful lighting, which makes it appealing for photographers. It is inspired by the Japanese samurai culture and has one of most detailed photo modes.


“[It allows] you to adjust focal length, aperture, and focus distance, just like on a real camera,” explains Crucial.

” Other elements that can be adjusted include time of day and clouds, as well as the wind direction.

“It’s easy to get lost for hours in photo mode to get the perfect shot, so it’s no wonder there have been almost 66,000 photography posts on Instagram with game-specific photography hashtags.”

Rolling in third is No Man’s Sky with 27,000 photos shared from the game that boasts procedurally generated planets, environments, flora, and fauna.

“This open-world survival game screams creativity, allowing players to create the perfect picture on the perfect planet,” adds Crucial.

Seven more games filled out the top 10, including well-known titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, Spider-Man, and Assassin’s Creed.

Image credits: All photos from Red Dead Redemption 2.