The Panaluxe Smart Color Target Can Instantly Color-Match Any Scene

Panaluxe has announced the Panaluxe Smart Color Target (Type 1) that it claims can instantly generate Direct Scene-Referred (DSRTM) color profiles regardless of camera or location.

According to the company, the upcoming Panaluxe Smart Color Target system will allow creators to perfectly color-match shots regardless of camera, lens, lighting, or optical filters, ensuring a consistent look across every shot before heading into editing. This system uses a digital bullseye to apply the raw image input. The RAW file is then demosaiced, adjusted for distortions using fine alignment markings. The “roundcode”, which is used to create a factory profile and a custom map, then embeds the “Direct Scene-Referred Profile (DSR).


The IP69K-rated Panaluxe is designed for heavy field use and the company says it is built to last. This durable system has all the marine-grade coatings and colors and can withstand drops. It is also resistant to saltwater and can be completely submerged in water.

Panaluxe Smart target Box

Panaluxe Smart target Box

Panaluxe Smart target Box

The Smart Targets are made with a polycarbonate base and ship in a durable wood case. The target itself leverages live indicators and visual color temp patches and the company says, “each patch on the Type 1 target uses a different pigment so the resulting profile has 21 unique spectral samples to generate an extremely accurate Direct Scene-Referred (DSRTM) profile. Every target is unique and eliminates factory color variations. The live indicators allow creators to see IR leakage, UV scene content, and how much life is left on the target in the field.”


Currently, the Smart Color target software is available in camera on the Achtel 9×7 but the company is actively reaching out and seeking partnerships with additional camera manufacturers to better integrate the technology for users of every system. According to the company, the product’s overall objective is to produce consistent color cast-free shots with instant click regardless of what combination of lighting and gear are used.

The public release of the Panaluxe Smart Color Target is expected to happen in early 2023, but the price of the product was not available at the time of publication. For more information about the beta program visit the Panaluxe webpage .