The CRDWALL is a Dynamic Wall-Based Photo Gear Storage System

Swedish company CRDBAG, known for making smart storage solutions for working professionals, has launched the new dynamic storage-wall system based on cords called the CRDWALL.

The new modular wall system is designed for users to be able to store their camera equipment and miscellaneous accessories “all in one place.” The company claims that the system allows for a better overview of the available equipment and should make packing (and unpacking) for a project much faster.

Leveraging the tactical features of the pre-existing CRDBAG system, the CRDWALL makes it possible to connect a large number of systems together (limited only by wall space), which the company says gives users the ability to expand and extend the size of their CRDWALL to place all of their gear in otherwise unused and wasted space. It is lightweight and compact, can be transported easily, is adjustable and expanded upon, according to the company.

CRDWALL Detail Shot

Each CRDWALL kit is 24 inches wide and contains two tracks, eight track hooks, eight CRDLOOPS, one CRDLOCK, and one 98-foot (30 meter) cord (available in Black, Silver Grey, and Ultra Neon Yellow).

CRDWALL “is a storage system that helps you free up space for your office or studio, make packing easier, keep your gear organized, and gives you a clearer view of your equipment,” Mathias Naslund, co-founder, says.

Having worked as professional filmmakers and running a camera rental business, Naslund and his partner realized the need for high-quality and fast/functional sub-packing products, and so, the CRDWALL system was born.

The duo says that by making the system wall-based, users will be able to clean up the space in their studio as well as clearly see and access all of their gear. The caveat is that the CRDWALL will only store certain types of gear, and it does require users to have invested in the CRDBAG (or similar) system. Users can attach only gear to bags that are already bagged or can be attached with a hook. Users will need to drill holes in their walls to attach the aluminum tracks. This further restricts its application.

The CRDWALL system is available now for $195 per kit, and it along with other products from CRDBAG can be found on the company’s website.