Spectacular video shows massive plasma cloud spewing from the Sun

Spectacular video shows massive plasma cloud spewing from the Sun

The Sun is a powerful and terrifying celestial object, and sometimes, astrophotographers managed to capture the intense plasma clouds that the Sun ejects on video. That’s the case in a new video shared by Miguel Claro back in July of 2022. Claro observed the coronal mass ejection on July 10, but recently reshared the video on Instagram and Vimeo.

The video showcases the outbursting plasma cloud in spectacular fashion, too, though it isn’t the first time that we’ve seen such an eruption caught on camera. Astrophotographers previously captured solar flares, coronal mass ejections and other events on video HTML1. What makes this one so mesmerizing, though, is how closely it zooms in on the plasma jutting out from the surface of the Sun.

Claro wrote on his Instagram that he noticed the event while checking on the Sun’s activity that day. He immediately began shooting, capturing over an hour of images which he turned into a video he shared on Vimeo and Instagram. This particular plasma cloud is similar to other ones that were captured on video. It serves as a reminder of how powerful the Sun really is.

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And scientists are constantly looking for more information about the Sun, too. There are concerns over how the Sun might destroy Mercury, Venus and Earth , as well as how large some sunspots may be growing .. This is combined with the power that plasma clouds such as the one captured on video can release, it makes for a disaster.

The chances of anything drastic happening with our Sun right now are slim. However, as the Sun continues to move toward the peak of its 11-year activity cycle, we’re likely to see even more videos of plasma clouds and solar flares like this.

The hope is that the Sun will not be directed toward Earth during eruptions, which would prevent them from disrupting GPS or communications.

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