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Scientists say Uranus smells like farts and rotting eggs

Space smells bad. According to a post shared by, astronauts have reported that space leaves a funky smell on their space suits. chemical makeup of Uranus indicates that it smells most like rotten eggs or farts.

Now, obviously, we can’t go out into space or down to Uranus and just sniff the air. You’d die, as there isn’t any oxygen and space is full of dangerous radiation, not to mention Uranus is made of gas. However, astronauts who have returned from spacewalks have described their suits as having strong smells like burnt steak or even gunpowder and ozone.

But what about Uranus? What makes Uranus stink so bad? Well, using an instrument called the Near-Infrared Integral Field Spectrometer (NIFS) at the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii, astronomers were able to determine that the cloud cover found on Uranus is composed of hydrogen sulfide gas.

This gas is what gives rotting eggs their distinctive and unsavory smell, and the researchers say that if we were to ever descend into the depths of Uranus’ atmosphere, we’d likely feel like vomiting because of the smell. Others have described the smell as being akin to smelly farts, which I think we can all agree isn’t something fun to deal with.

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But Uranus isn’t the only smelly thing found in space. In their halos of gas, comets have high concentrations hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. The smells are likely to be weak because there is a lot of water vapour in the halos.

Some researchers also believe that Uranus might smell like urine, too, as it and Neptune could both have ammonia ice in their clouds, which would provide another stinky aroma to go along with the smell of rotting eggs.

Uranus is indeed a very unique planet, and if the molecules in the clouds are anything to go by, it’s a pretty smelly place, too.

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