Scientists are closer than ever to figuring out how pink diamonds are made – DNyuz

Scientists are closer than ever to figuring out how pink diamonds are made

Pink diamonds are some of the rarest gems you’ll find on the planet. In fact, these diamonds are so rare that a single mine in Australia has been the source of almost 90 percent of the colored gemstones sold worldwide. Scientists have always been baffled by how these diamonds became rare. But now, they may finally have an answer.

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As I noted above, most of the pink diamonds in the world came from the Argyle mine in East Kimberly, Western Australia. We’ve always wondered why these rare gemstones exist. A new study has shown that pink diamonds could have been formed by continents stretching and breaking apart. This would then lift the diamonds to the surface.

See, diamonds require a few important things in order to form. You need to first get carbon and then apply immense heat and pressure on it. This occurs deep within the Earth’s crust, and it can take billions of year for diamonds to properly form.

However, there’s something else that makes these rare gemstones pop out in the different pink-colored hues that they appear. Unfortunately, scientists haven’t quite figured all of that out. We know that blue and yellow diamonds are changed by the presence of other chemicals and elements around them, but pink diamonds appear to be just as chemically pure as regular diamonds.

Whatever the cause, it seems to require something that is found at a level of the Earth’s depth that is only revealed when continents stretch and break apart. As such, finding the next Argyle is likely going to be difficult. And since the mine shut down in 2020, these rare, pink gemstones will likely continue to rocket in price.

Even if the progress is small, it’s still a step in the right direction to learn more about how pink diamonds are created. By using the information we already know about diamonds, perhaps scientists can uncover more about what makes these rare gemstones form.

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