Santa Cruz wildlife officials are on the hunt for an otter outlaw – DNyuz

Santa Cruz wildlife officials are on the hunt for an otter outlaw

A sea otter in Santa Cruz has wildlife officials scurrying to catch it after a series of thefts and aggressive behavior at a popular surf spot. The otter in question is known as Otter 841, and it was originally released into the wild in 2020. However, Otter 841 has become the target of a group of wildlife officials looking to catch and rehome her.

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The reasoning behind the hunt is because of Otter 841’s behavior as of late, which has seen the creature confronting locals in the area and even stealing surfboards from the beach. The otter is gaining international attention despite the problems it may be creating.

The goal is to catch the unusually aggressive otter and rehome her to an aquarium or zoo. Otter 841 was originally raised in the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where she was fed and minimally cared for by staff dressed in black rubber suits and welding masks, which helped hide their human appearance.

They also believe that Otter 841’s behavior around the beach is because she doesn’t have a healthy fear of humans. Her first interactions with humans along the beach began in September of 2022. She was forced to leave the area but returned within a couple of months.

At that time, she confronted the locals and stole some food to munch. However, attempts to catch her have gone without much progress. This otter isn’t the only animal garnering international attention, either. Killer Whales Attacking Boats has also garnered a great deal of attention.

While wildlife officials hope to rehome the outlaw otter, others say that Otter 841 should be allowed to stay in her natural habitat and that humans should be the ones leaving the area instead. It’s unclear how long it might take them to corner and eventually catch Otter 841. The tiny outlaw is still a problem for beachgoers in Santa Cruz.

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