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Researchers invented a super-waterproof material using new nanotech

Researchers working with nanotech have created what may be a super-waterproof material that causes the liquid to slide right off the surface with very little friction. Further, additional research into these materials has also shown that they are just as equally water resistant when the liquid-like molecules are present at low concentrations as they are at high ones, too.

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This new research is especially helpful because previously, it was believed that low concentrations of the molecules would cause more friction between the water and the silicone surface, thus causing water to stick to it. However, the new paper, which is featured in Nature Chemistry, showcases this isn’t the case at all (via Newsweek).

Instead, they found that the water flowed freely from the material when it was low in concentration. It actually flows off, making it a super water-proof material at high or low concentrations. Researchers note that this means they could improve droplet mobility anywhere.

One big reason that this discovery is so pivotal is due to how fragile other super-waterproof materials can be. Most of the time, they must have very thin coatings, so that when physical contact is made, it disperses quickly. This new material discovery may make these materials more durable.

This could allow for things like heat transfer in pipes, de-icing, and anti-fogging, as well as self-cleaning surfaces to utilize the super-waterproof material. It’s a big discovery with a ton of potential applications, and being able to test and make the waterproof material even more exceptional in the future.

Perhaps this material will be used in the future to make raincoats and rainboots even more water-resistant.

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