Pixsy Suffers ‘IT Issue’ But Says Data Wasn’t Compromised

Photography image monitoring and legal-tech service Pixsy has informed users that it suffered what it calls an “IT issue” and advises users to change their passwords to secure their accounts, but says no data was compromised.

Pixsy is an online image monitoring service that keeps track of creatives and image owner media and determines how copyrighted images are being used online. Once theft of an image has been detected, the service provides legal resources to manage and resolve cases of unauthorized use, which could include having the image taken down or negotiating payment.

According to an email sent to users today, and seen by DIYPhotography, Pixsy does not explain the details of the “IT issue,” and while the company says there is no evidence that the potential breach affected any accounts, nor was any account data altered or impacted, it has taken actions to assure account safety nonetheless.

The company took the added step of invalidating all existing user passwords “out of an abundance of caution,” in order to force users to make the adjustment the next time they log in.

We were notified of an IT problem and have responded promptly. “We have reviewed our logs, and we can’t find any evidence that this was used on any accounts or was your data affected or altered,” the email states.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we have invalidated your password, meaning you will need to rest your password when you next log in to Pixsy.”

The email encourages users to visit the Pixsy website and log into their account, after which they will be prompted to reset their password which will be sent to them via email.

Pixsy confirmed with PetaPixel that the email and its contents are legitimate, but a representative reiterated that it does not have any evidence data was compromised.

I can confirm there were no data breaches, and that no customer or password information was disclosed to anyone outside — this was confirmed by looking at our access logs,” a Pixsy representative said.

Pixsy did not make a public announcement about this issue at the time it was published.