Picsello is an Online Manager That Streamlines Running a Photo Business

Picsello is a new e-commerce and customer relationship manager that aims to help photographers keep track of clients, billing, image hosting, and other business details that bog down the original reason most get into the profession: taking pictures.

The company positions itself as a way to help photographers to transform their photography into a profitable and successful business. Picsello promises an intuitive and easy-to use platform that provides data and business tools to assist photographers in overcoming unique business challenges.

As with most innovations, Picsello started with the notion that there “has to be a better way.” The company was created by veteran photographer Jane Goodrich, who saw that many photographers become inundated by the minutiae of business practice, leaving the joy of creating the art of photography behind.

Goodrich wrote an opinion on PetaPixel late last year that argued that photographers are being taken advantage of more than ever before and in pursuit of creating a solution rather than just complaining about the problem, she created Picsello.

“After working in the photography business for over a decade I’ve seen how increasingly difficult it is to have a successful business,” she says. “I was determined to create a platform that would simplify photographers’ lives as well as help them run a successful, long-term business. Picsello was created to help make this happen.

Picsello provides tools for booking, billing, marketing, client sharing, client galleries, an online store, and actionable advice and coaching sessions to make the learning curve of running a profitable photography business less of a chore. Through the platform, photographers decide what to charge, and manage invoicing, marketing, selling, and upselling of their work.

After three years of research, Picsello has developed a calculator which gives the photographer a clear idea of how to monetize their business. Picsello Smart Profit Calculator uses individual data and profit guidance to calculate sustainable prices that can be met by any budget.

Picsello offers guidance to learn the ins and outs of business.

The company also offers pre-written correspondence and boilerplate contracts which can help those first starting out to market, develop and manage clients with the professionalism of a seasoned veteran. It is built to allow photographers to keep in touch with their clients wherever they are located.

Picsello offers hosting to an unlimited online gallery that allows photographers to sell and promote their portfolios. The platform is free and provides a stress-free experience which will allow customers to return again and again. The platform even has a studio manager to book sessions, handle billing, and has what it describes as intuitive posting tools to help navigate the minefield of social media marketing.

The software is available for mobile and desktop and costs $20 per month. There is no fee sharing for anything sold through an online store and Picsello says 100% of all profits go to the photographer.