Photographer Attempts to Develop Film with Gamer Energy Drinks

A photographer has attempted to develop 35mm black and white film using powdered energy drinks after he successfully developed film using beer, dishwashing liquid, and instant coffee.

Lou, also known as Sweet Lou Photography, tried to develop a roll of black and white film using gaming powder-energy drinks G-Fuel and Gamers Supp. He used Ilford 400 ASA HP5 black and white film as his test subject.

The YouTuber shot two rolls of Ilford HP5 with the intention of developing one in each energy drink concoction. Lou calls the Delta Mix the home chemical that Lou uses to develop black-and white film.

The recipe contains washing soda, Vitamin C powder and instant coffee. Lou then replaced the Instant Coffee with the powdered Energy Drink Mix. The chemical component washing soda can remove stubborn stains in laundry. It is essential for most laundry detergents.

Lou also added 1,000 milliliters of tap water and had a half-gallon of fixer standing by. After mixing the mixture, Lou let it stand for several minutes to remove any bubbles formed in the process. The Gamer Supps mix actually overflowed with bubbles due to its interaction with Vitamin C, so Lou suggests backing off the water to 700 milliliters and then topping it off after the bubbles subside.

After a strange side trip, Lou put the film in the tank and let it sit for nine minutes before taking a three-minute bath in the fixer. He also agitated the tank during both phases to keep the mix moving around the film. It was now time to rinse the tank.

The results were successful if a bit underexposed. The Gamers Supps mixture developed the film correctly, but the G-Fuel did not fix it. As a result, the images were completely exposed and clear. There was no way to print them. Lou discovered that the drink mixtures left a sticky residue after development.

Sweet Lou Photography
Sweet Lou Photography

Sweet Lou Photography

Ultimately, Gamers Supp’s powdered energy drink can develop black and white film, but it will make the image “gooey” while G-Fuel doesn’t work at all.

Lou has more information on the .YouTube Channel HTML3.

Image credits: All photos by Sweet Lou Photography.