Phase One’s New 150MP Multispectral Camera Simplifies Art Conservation

Phase One Multispectral Camera System

Phase One has optimized the world’s first fully automated multispectral imaging solution, which will make it faster and easier for art conservation, forensics, and science professionals to examine delicate subjects.

Multispectral imaging (MSI), captures light across a spectrum of wavelengths, both visible and invisible, using special camera technology and light sources. Phase One describes. This type of imaging is used mainly for scientific and artistic research. For example, similar systems have been used to reveal the origin and creator of artistic masterpieces and were able to make obscured old handwritten records and letters legible.

“Multispectral imaging can be utilized in a lot of ways, from uncovering hidden messages in scriptures, investigating invisible residues in organic material or analyze color compositions of renowned art work,” Phase One explains.

The new automatic system is called the Rainbow Multispectral Imaging Solution, and Phase One says it is a fully automated and high-resolution tool for both multiband and narrowband multispectral imaging applications. It provides detailed insights into the materials and pigments in artifacts and documents without any physical contact.

Phase One Multispectral Camera System

The camera has a high dynamic range which means even tiny image trace can be captured. However, the true benefits are in the automation. It is easy to use, reliable and simple. This allows anyone with technical knowledge to be able use the system.

We have created a completely automated workflow to capture and process image stacks in both narrowband and multiband multispectral imaging. Automated workflows are achieved through an initial calibration that includes alignment and exposure of the focus.

Phase One Multispectral Camera System

“This level of automation means that even scientifically unskilled people in an institution can undertake multispectral imaging projects. Also, since the process is so much faster, researchers and conservators can consider capturing a complete book rather than just a handful of selected pages. This automated workflow may be more suitable for large paintings that require multiple steps and repeated captures .”

The company claims it eliminated the complicated and time-consuming manual process. It also says the faster workflow protects fragile subjects and reduces exposure times.

As is the case with Phase One products, the Rainbow Multispectral Imaging Solution doesn’t come cheap. It starts at $118,990.