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Pentagon preps for $48B tech-research contracts

The Defense Department has started to give industry some expectations and pointers on how it plans to conduct the on-ramp for a $48 billion technology research-and-development services contract vehicle.

A final solicitation to reopen the Information Analysis Center Multiple-Award Contract, or IAC-MAC, and the associated requirements documents should go live on or after Sept. 5, DOD said in a presolicitation notice Monday.

This opportunity to enter the contract is focused on the first pools ,, which are the restricted portions and for the small business portion. Both pools are slated to expire in September 2027.

DOD will make up to three on-ramp awards for Pool 1 and a pair for Pool 2. In the process of on-ramp, small businesses can submit bids to either one or both pools.

All IAC-MAC work supports both the Defense Technical Information Center (a field activity that is responsible for the dissemination of information on military technology) and the Information Analysis Center Network, which provides data analysis, technical support, and leadership for civilian and uniformed leaders.

IAC-MAC’s scope is broad given how every service branch, combatant command, DOD lab, administrative agency and other civilian agencies can acquire customized R&D services through the vehicle.

It is DOD’s only contract which mandates that existing scientific and technological information be investigated, as well as the sharing and reporting of this information generated by a task orders performance across government.

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