Parasitic black holes could be hiding inside stars and even powering them – DNyuz

Parasitic black holes could be hiding inside stars and even powering them

Dark matter is one of the most mysterious things in the universe. Black holes are also in this category — they’re massive cosmic holes which seem to absorb everything. A new paper suggests that dark matter and black holes may be linked by parasitic black hole living within stars.

I know that’s a lot to take in, and I thought the same thing when I was reading through a new paper featured in The Astrophysical Journal. New paper claims that there could be black holes living within stars in the entire universe. They would be eating them away from the inside.

It’s a terrifying thesis and one that becomes even more terrifying when you think about the possibility of a black hole being inside our sun, eating away at it until the sun eventually dies. How much truth is in this statement? Could dark matter be caused by parasitic blackholes?

Let’s face it, there are many black holes in the universe. Some even think that black holes are everywhere. What about black holes the size of planets, though? These objects don’t usually have enough mass to collide into a Black Hole. But what if there was another way?

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According to a theory that Stephen Hawking developed in the 1970s, teeny tiny black holes could have formed within the first second or so after the Big Bang. It’s a mystery where these “primordial black holes” went, but the possibility is always there.

This research suggests that black holes may have been found inside neutron star cores, slowly sucking away energy. In fact, Hawking himself even suggests that the sun could be harboring one of these primordial black holes.

It is difficult to prove that parasitic black hole exist. That didn’t deter scientists. The scientists believe that, if a similar black hole existed in a sun-like planet, then it would consume it at an incredible rate.

Within just a billion years, the researchers believe the star would no longer be powered by fusion, as they normally are, but instead would be powered by the black hole itself. This hypothetical star is called a Hawking Star. It’s ironic but also very intriguing.

To prove or disprove this hypothesis, they will study stars that they think could harbour a parasitic-black hole to see if the engines show any signatures.

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