New study says dogs can ‘see’ with their noses

New study says dogs can ‘see’ with their noses

Dogs have always been well known for their ability to identify and track scents. A new study suggests that extensive connections within the dog’s olfactory pathway are responsible for this. Further, the study posits that dogs can see with their noses, making this talent even more impressive.

Dogs can see with their noses, new study suggests

Whether you think of dogs as man’s best friend or expert trackers, one thing is certain: these animals are extraordinary. From being an everyday companion, to helping with actual work, dogs have many abilities. A new study has shown that dogs are able to see through their noses. This is a further expansion of one their best-known talents.

A dog’s nose can be a powerful tool, regardless of whether it’s used to track down drug dealers or canines who help detect explosives. The researchers published their study in the Journal of Neuroscience earlier this month. This study showed that dogs’ vision and smell are connected in their brains.

This connection has yet to be discovered in any other animal. Scientists believe dogs can sense smells and see with their noses. Of course, we aren’t sure exactly what this looks like inside the dog’s brain. Do the smells translate to images or does the dog recognize them in some other way? Although we aren’t sure what to make of this discovery, it is fascinating.

Connecting eyes and nose

To find the connections, veterinary neurologist Philippa Johnson and professor at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, along with her team, studied the MRI scans of 23 dogs. The MRIs revealed neurological connections between dogs’ occipital lobes and olfactory bulbs. This, they believe, is what allows dogs to see with their noses.

The brain’s vision processing is done in the occipital. The brain can also process smells through the olfactory bulbs. Thanks to this connection, the dog’s brain is able to easily transfer information between them. This could allow it to process the smells using images, similar to how the brain processes vision.

But does this mean that other animals will be able to see through their noses? Well, as I stated above, this is the first time we’ve seen these connections in any animal. Whether it will be found in others is unclear. It is not yet clear if it will be found in other species.

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