New study claims the Sun will destroy Mercury, Venus, and Earth – here’s when

New study claims the Sun will destroy Mercury, Venus, and Earth – here’s when

All stars dies and our Sun is a star. Therefore, it makes sense that at some point down the line, our Sun, which provides life to Earth, will die, too. When it does, scientists say that the Sun will destroy Earth, Mercury, and Venus, leaving our entire solar system devastated.

A full pot cannot boil for long before it boils, while the Sun boils away for millions of years. Our star, which is only a young star, generates tons of energy, and acts as an important source of heat and light that keeps Earth alive. One day that energy could cause the Sun and other planets to be destroyed by it.

This idea is not new. Scientists have estimated that our Sun will “explode” within the next five billion years for quite a while now. A new study that researchers submitted to the Astrophysical Journal says that when it does, the Sun will destroy Mercury, Venus, and possibly the Earth.

The level of that destruction is unclear, though. To better understand how the Sun will destroy the Earth, the researchers performed several 3D hydrodynamical simulations. They were able to better comprehend the possible consequences of a Sun-like star swallowing a planet. They found that it depends heavily on the planet’s size and the star’s current stage.

Because of the Earth’s size, some say it won’t be completely devoured, as Mercury and Venus are likely to be. The Sun won’t make Earth inaccessible. Because the Sun will eventually enter its red giant phase, it will have lost all of its hydrogen. Its border will then expand multiple times and swallow everything in its path. Our Sun may eventually destroy Earth.

Depending on the exact outcome, the engulfed planet may be pulled into a much tighter orbit that completely devours it. Or the ability to create a new world may become available because of the changes.

Scientists believe our Sun has reached the middle of its life, roughly 4. 57 billion years of age. They also believe that’s the cause of the ongoing solar activity we’re experiencing. In 5 billion years, it will start to die. It is very possible that the Sun will destroy Earth when this happens.

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