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New study claims a moon flipped Venus’s spin in the wrong direction

Venus is quite a unique planet. The planet is known for having some distinct characteristics that make it different from any other planet in the solar system. The planet’s main characteristic is that it rotates the wrong way. Researchers believe that they have finally solved the mystery behind Venus’ strange spin. It’s because of a lunar orbit.

The theory that a moon in an orbit with a reversed direction could have caused Venus to spin backwards is not new. However, a new study has explored the hypothesis further, with the researchers using computer simulations to test how likely it would be.

The focus of the new study, of course, is to explore whether or not the gravitational pull exerted by an ancient moon could actually change Venus’s spin, or if the theory was completely off.

Venus’s history as a potentially habitable planet has long made it a target for scientific observations. However, its extreme temperatures and strange spin have also fueled multiple theories around the planet. And according to this study, Venus’s spin could have been flipped by an ancient moon.

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It’s also possible, though, that the spin could have been changed when an ancient moon, planet, or even a comet crashed into the planet during the early days of the solar system. Unfortunately, proving the exact nature of Venus’s unique spin is almost impossible because of our limited data.

Still, it is interesting to test these kinds of theories and see just how likely it would be for them to play out. If you’re interested to learn more, the study is available for download. It’s featured in the journal Universe and shares a lot of detail into how the researchers came to their findings.

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