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NASA’s Ingenuity celebrates 70th flight with new record

Since its arrival on the Red Planet alongside Perseverance, the Ingenuity helicopter has done some incredible things. Not only has it proven that flight is possible on another planet, but the spacecraft was only designed to complete five flights, and now it has completed a total of 70th, setting even more records as it goes.

This is, of course, extremely fascinating for space lovers who have had their eyes on the Martian exploration that NASA and others have been pushing for the past several years. During that time, it has completed 70 flights, and on its 70th flight, the Mars Helicopter traveled more than 260 meters in 132 seconds.

During its time on the Red Planet, Ingenuity has acted as a spotter for the Perseverance rover, and has even survived near-death experiences on the Martian surface as it has hopped its way across our cosmic neighbor.

Flying into the new year!The #MarsHelicopter completed Flight 70 – traveling 260 meters in 132 seconds. That’s nearly the length of 9 blue whales! Find more Ingenuity flight stats here:

— NASA JPL (@NASAJPL) January 2, 2024

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the Ingenuity flights, as each one helps scientists and engineers learn more about what works on planets like Mars, which have thinner atmospheres.

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Those thinner atmospheres make it much more difficult to fly than it is here on Earth. As such, learning how to navigate those atmospheres can prove exceptionally useful for future spacecraft development, especially if we have any hope of colonizing Mars or the moon at any point in the future. It would be much easier to travel between these planets if we could easily fly.

Ingenuity has also worked against the odds because it’s been working for so long despite only being designed to fly five times. The Mars helicopter’s flight time is unknown, but we can learn more about Martian atmospheric conditions and spacecraft interaction with the atmosphere as long as Ingenuity continues to fly.

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