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Mystery star at the heart of the Milky Way may be from another galaxy

A mystery star located at the heart of the Milky Way could very well be from another galaxy, new research shows. The star is known as an S-star, and it is part of a swarm of stars found near Sagittarius A*, our galaxy’s supermassive black hole.

These S stars are found in a region around the supermassive hole, which is believed to be far too chaotic and extreme to support any star formation. Stars found in this area of space have often been thought to be from elsewhere. In this case, a group of researchers believe mystery star S0-6 may have come from an alien galaxy.

S0-6 is, of course, just one of several mystery stars found near the center of the Milky Way, and astronomers have long puzzled over where these stars came from, and how they survive the messy space around black holes like Sagittarius A*. The researchers spent eight long years studying S0-6, noting down its trajectory, velocity, and even finding acceleration that confirms its orbit around our supermassive black hole.

Using a careful analysis of light from the star’s emitted, researchers determined that the mystery Milky Way star was not born in our area. Instead, its chemical composition matches those of stars found outside of the Milky Way from the same time period — roughly 10 billion years ago.

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It isn’t unlikely or unexpected to see a star that isn’t from the Milky Way hanging around in the center of our galaxy. After all, the Milky Way has existed for over 13 billion years, and in that time, the galaxy has eaten up several other, smaller galaxies and continues to do so today. Astronomers predict that our Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy , will merge at some point in the near future.

The researchers say that they hope to unravel the true origins of the mystery star S0-6 and that future analysis should hopefully provide more information. A paper on the recent discovery can be found in Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B.

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