Moment’s Latest ‘Long Weekend’ Bags Support the Casual Photographer

Moment Long Weekend

Moment announced the addition of three bags to its existing Long Weekend line of carry items. Although they aren’t camera bags as such, the whole collection is suitable for casual photographers.

Long Weekend is a collaboration between YouTubers Willem Verbeeck and Allison Simon and Moment. The series was first launched last year with a set of simple bags that sported a unique design aesthetic. That line is being expanded on today with the addition of the Beacon Tote, Monterey Sling, and a new small camera pouch that is designed to hold a point-and-shoot camera.

Long Weekend

The Beacon Tote is what Moment describes as designed for a week of shooting as well as a weekend road trip. The 18L bag features a main large zippered compartment with a padded laptop sleeve, key loop, and a water bottle pocket.

Long Weekend

The bag doesn’t have any of the traditional photography support features like dividers, but it is able to hold a good amount of mixed equipment like jackets and other essentials. There is no rule against tossing a camera in the bag either.

Long Weekend

The Monterey Sling is a new use for an old design. The bag is identical to the classic 80s “fanny pack” but is designed to be worn over the shoulder. The Monterey, a cross-body version of the Long Weekend Santa Fe Shoulder Bag, has a two-liter storage capacity. It can hold small items like extra rolls or film cameras, as well as a phone and a point-and shoot camera.

Moment’s last addition to the line-up is the Camera Pouch. Moment claims it is made for point-and shoot cameras and provides the best protection. This is a new way of supporting a style that has been in decline for several years.

Long Weekend

All of the new bags, in addition to all of the original products from last year’s launch, lean heavily into the retro vibe, which might explain why these new bags are designed to support a camera type that is difficult to purchase new in 2022. Luckily, many film cameras are also quite small and these bags should work just fine with the resurging popularity of analog.

The Beacon Tote is available for $70, the Monterey Sling for $50, and the Camera Pouch for $25, all from Moment’s website.