Mark Zuckerberg’s Photoshopped Picture Highlights His Dislike of Apple

Mark Zuckerberg's Photoshopped Picture Highlights his Dislike of Apple

Mark Zuckerberg shared a strange picture in which he was working on his Mac laptop. The photo shows Apple’s logo redrawn, underscoring the rivalry between these tech giants.

Facebook’s founder posted the picture on June 9 and shows Zuckerberg licking his lips surrounded by McDonald’s food with the caption: “Celebrating McDonald’s joining Workplace with a 20-piece McNuggets, Quarter Pounder, and fries. It’s a great picture. The photo was posted by Facebook’s founder on June 300 and shows Zuckerberg licking his lips surrounded with McDonald’s food.

People commented below Zuckerberg’s Instagram posting asking “Where is the Apple logo?”

Zuck or a member of his PR staff clearly used the Clone or Healing Brush or another Photoshop tool to separate himself from Apple.

Facebook vs Apple

The image denotes a rivalry between two of America’s largest tech companies, a struggle that dates back to 2019 when Apple CEO Tim Cook allegedly ruffled Zuckerberg’s feathers over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, reports 9to5Mac.

Zuckerberg is believed to have asked Cook how he would “handle the fallout” from the scandal. Cook’s response was that the company should “delete any information that it had collected about people outside of its core apps.” This notion was apparently so appalling to Zuck that it set him on a warpath against Apple and Cook.

Since then Zuckerberg has reportedly ordered all Facebook executives to use Android phones and accused Apple of having a “stranglehold” on the iPhone and that it charges “monopoly rents” on the App Store.

A well-documented privacy battle has ensued between the two giants with Cook condemning Facebook’s business model saying the company prioritizes engagement over privacy, leading to “polarization and violence.” When asked how he would have responded to the Cambridge Analytica scandal Cook said “I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Zuckerberg’s Uneasy Relationship with his Mac Computer

Mark Zuckerberg's Photoshopped Picture Highlights his Dislike of Apple

In 2016 Zuckerberg was pictured with his Apple laptop, but notably, his webcam had tape on it to obscure the lens and he had done the same to the computer’s microphone to muffle any who might try to listen in.

Despite having a difficult relationship with his laptop Zuckerberg clearly loves Mac OS and its hardware.