Lost cities of the Amazon have finally been uncovered

Lost cities of the Amazon have finally been uncovered

The legends of the Amazon rainforest have circulated for centuries. Scientists have now proved that the massive urban centers were actually there. Researchers published a new study in the journal Nature detailing lidar imaging of the Amazon. They found evidence that the Amazon’s lost cities were in the thick forests.

Scientists just uncovered proof that the lost cities of the Amazon actually exist

The allure of hidden cities in the Amazon has been a cornerstone of exploration for centuries. In earlier years, the search for the promised city of El Dorado, a city of pure gold, lured many Spanish explorers into the wilds. We’ve also seen other explorers succumb to whispered rumors of old cities such as the Lost City of Z ..

But now, a new twist in the story has appeared. What was once assumed to have simply been legend is now being proven true. Thanks to lidar imaging, a group of scientists were able to see through the thick canopies of the Amazon. They found the remnants of an urban centre beneath all those tall trees.

But, this isn’t just any city lost in the Amazon. Scientists discovered that the city belonged to complex Casarabe Culture. This culture existed between 500 – 1400 C.E., and they lived in urban centers boasting “monumental platform and pyramid architecture”, according to the Smithsonian Magazine.

A wilderness of civilization

Despite being as wild as it is, the Amazon could have been a heavily populated and urbanized region, the scientists say. The imaging evidence shows raised causeways connecting different settlements, according to the scientists. These settlements may have extended miles across the Amazon.

But, the authenticity of missing cities in Amazon is not the end. The light-based remote sensing technology, called lidar (light-based remote sensed technology), has been so successful that it may be possible to find more Amazon cities without actually going inside. However, physical exploration of the Amazon will be required to confirm these findings.

However, because we already know where the civilizations are, it will be easier to navigate and explore them. This discovery adds to a long-running story. We may be able explore the Amazon rainforest more fully with this new chapter.

In fact, one of the authors of the findings says that he expects the next 10 to 20 years to bring the discovery of more lost cities of the Amazon. These cities will likely be larger than those outlined in this paper.

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