Introducing Clipped Highlights, a New PetaPixel Weekly Newsletter

Clipped Highlights

Hey everyone, my name is Jaron Schneider and I’m the Editor in Chief here at PetaPixel. I’m pleased to announce that we are launching a new weekly newsletter called Clipped Highlights that adds more insight into the most important stories of the last week.

Clipped highlights will be a weekly, free newsletter. It will go out on Wednesday mornings and focus on the top stories from the week. The newsletter offers unique insight that is not available in our daily news bulletin .

For example, in light of VSCO’s relaunch, this week we discuss why the term “photoshopping” isn’t just for Photoshop anymore and dig a bit into the quickly changing atmosphere of photo editing applications, how Adobe isn’t the only name in town anymore, and why it’s becoming harder for companies to carve out a niche large enough to sustain themselves.

We also discuss why DJI joining the L-Mount Alliance feels a lot less full of the pomp and circumstance we would have expected even just a year ago.

In addition to these breakdowns, Clipped highlights will feature at least one series of photos or an art project we feel is worthy. In the tech and imaging industry, we tend to focus more on the process than the results. We think that it’s just as important, if not more so, to look at the art created by photographers around the world as it is to celebrate the new technologies that makes that artwork possible.

If this type of content interests you, please sign up for the Clipped highlights Newsletter today. this Week’s Edition can be accessed , without a subscription. This will ensure that you have the latest edition in your inbox.

We’ll also make sure to share each edition of Clipped Highlights here on PetaPixel so if you aren’t a fan of email, you won’t be forced to miss out on the weekly newsletter.