Instagram Tests Letting You Mark Posts in Explore as ‘Not Interested’

an illustration of instagram posts, some marked as not interested

Instagram will test a new feature which will enable users to mut words, phrases and emojis using captions or hashtags. It claims that this will make it easier to clean up its Explore tab.

Instagram announced today that it is testing several new features, all aimed at giving users more control over what they see on the app. The settings would allow users to mute specific words, phrases, and emojis, and offers an easier way to clean up the Explore tab.

The option works in both captions and hashtags, and though it might appear reminiscent of Twitter’s mute setting on first glance, it’s a bit more extreme. According to the Meta blog post, the temporary muting option does not seem to exist.

” “Whether you see something irrelevant or you have changed your mind about something, this feature can be used to block content from being displayed to you. The post reads .

Essentially it is a purge, not a way to prevent spoilers.

While users could note what posts they aren’t interested in on the Explore tab, this could be a tedious process as they could only do so for one image or video at a time. Users will find an icon near the search bar on the new Explore page that allows them to modify the page by either marking content they don’t want or noting sensitive material.

In a blog post Meta reminds users that users can make note of the things they like, and this can help improve results on their feeds.

This test also comes after Instagram said just last week that it will make the more restrictive viewing option the default for new users under 16. This news comes after much information about how dangerous Instagram is for youth (and all people).

However, the purpose of the test, the length of the testing, and whether it will be a permanent one, are not known. In the meantime, it might be worth checking out and reevaluating what to see on the platform.

Image credits: Meta