Instagram is Reportedly Testing Adding Status Updates – Really

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It seems that what’s good is now even better. Instagram has reportedly tested a new feature which allows users to share status updates.

Yes, this feature is back. Meta, the parent company of both Instagram and Facebook, wants it to return. The status sharing combines the oversharing-friendly messages and combines them with Stories, allowing them to disappear after 24 hours, according to XDA Developers which first reported the test. Similar to Stories, it’s possible to curate who gets to see these notes between a wide audience or just those marked as “Close Friends.”

The status sharing change wasn’t announced by Instagram officially and not every user has it, so it’s unclear how many people the test has been rolled out for, what locations are included, or even how long the test will run.

The status update made a surprising appearance elsewhere in recent times. Twitter, of all places, is letting some users add pre-written statuses to their tweets. There is a menu that allows users to add statuses with phrases like “hot take” and “Case of the Mondays.” This social media platform has tried out statuses before but it might be more popular now. It’s like vintage social media. You cannot, however, make your own statuses of overwrought song lyrics. Instagram’s flexible note-writing feature is clearly closer to what it means for status updates.

To see if this new feature has been added, ensure that your Instagram app is up to date. Navigate to the Messages tab and check if it appears under the search bar. You will be prompted to share your thoughts …” This is a great way to update others on the latest happenings in life or just to have another laugh at how you woke up years later. It’s an interesting move by Meta as it continues to fall from grace.

Many of the updates on Instagram and Facebook have copied features from other apps, such as TikTok or BeReal. The status update is a return of the Facebook from old, which stands out among all those Hail Mary efforts to keep users interested.