Icy exoplanets may contain habitable oceans, new NASA study suggests – DNyuz

Icy exoplanets may contain habitable oceans, new NASA study suggests

Habitable oceans and geysers may exist on icy exoplanets, a new NASA study has suggested. The study recently expanded the search for life beyond our solar system by looking at 17 exoplanets that could have oceans of liquid water beneath their icy shells.

Water from the oceans may eventually be able to erupt as geysers through the surface of the planets. Scientists have for the first ever calculated how much geyser action is occurring on exoplanets, which includes two planets that are close enough to see with a telescope.

Scientists have spent decades speculating the existence of and looking for signs of alien life among the stars. We haven’t yet found any signs of alien life, but even if there were, many people argue that we would not recognize it if we did see it .

Still, that hasn’t stopped astronomers and scientists from scouring everything we know about the universe to find evidence of alien life somewhere. And now, this new NASA study says that icy exoplanets could be hiding habitable oceans, which could give us our first look at alien life in some shape or form.

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The chances, of course, of us finding alien life that is equal to our own is slim. That isn’t to say that it isn’t out there. It’s a big universe, so the alien life that we are most likely to find will be microorganisms. It’s still life.

For this study, scientists examine icy moons, such as Jupiter’s Europa, that have oceans beneath their ice-covered surfaces heated by the tides of the planets’ gravitational pull. The study’s findings predict that 17 icy exoplanets could receive enough internal heating to provide life to habitable oceans underneath their icy crusts.

But it is difficult to prove the validity of this discovery, since these exoplanets lie beyond human travel range. Perhaps in the future, though, our spacecraft will be capable of traveling that far and properly exploring those areas of space.

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