Hubble spots colliding galaxies that look like a ‘string of pearls’ – DNyuz

Hubble spots colliding galaxies that look like a ‘string of pearls’

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has captured yet another beautiful sight. While observing a series of interacting galaxies known as Galaxy AM 1045-325, Hubble spotted what looked like a celestial “string of pearls.” The unique appearance of the galaxy was caused by magnetic interactions between it and a neighboring galaxy, NASA says.

Before these galaxies merged, NASA says that they were rich in dusty clouds of molecular hydrogen that may have remained inert. But, when the merger jostled the clouds, the hydrogen compressed, and it created a “firestorm of star birth.”

Spotting this beautiful galactic string of lights is not fully expected. It’s never really clear exactly how galactic mergers might change galaxies. Based on the design, astronomers believe that the tails we see could be the spiral arms of the galaxy, bending and stretching into space due to the gravitational tug-of-war between the interacting galaxies.

At the present, the fate of far-flung clusters of stars in the String of Pearls galaxy remains unclear. The clusters could be pulled into the core of the galaxy and form what is called a globular-shaped star cluster. Or they could completely disperse and become a halo of stars around the host galaxy.

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Finally, the third option is that the far-flung stars in this otherworldy string of pearls could just be flung out into the universe, cast off to become wandering stars themselves. Hubble’s image is a stunning representation of how the galaxy currently looks.

This information can help astronomers learn about the evolution of galaxies and how stars interact when they collide. Considering this is the same fate of the Milky Way, understanding how it might affect the galaxies involved will prepare our scientists with as full of an understanding of the process as possible.

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