Hubble just captured this dazzling image of a star cluster

Hubble just captured this dazzling image of a star cluster

The James Webb space telescope may finally be out there collecting data, but its predecessor hasn’t called it quits just yet. In fact, the latest image from the Hubble space telescope includes a mind-blowing star cluster unlike anything we’ve ever seen. NGC 6638, is the cluster at issue, which can be found within the constellation Sagittarius.

Hubble’s latest star cluster image is absolutely dazzling

The new image was captured using Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 and the Advanced Camera for Surveys. It was nearly impossible before Hubble was invented to see the stars within the cluster. That’s because the cluster contains such a dense number of stars. Now, though, we can get a great look at the stars thanks to Hubble’s latest star cluster image.

Normally, when looking at these dense clusters from Earth, you’d have to look through the atmosphere. It can be difficult to spot the stars in the clusters because of this. Hubble orbits Earth at 340 miles from the surface.

This means that it is able to see through most of the atmospheric haze. The telescope may be more than 30 years old, but it can still capture images.

Hubble still has a lot of work to do

This latest Hubble star cluster image is one you’ll want to see for yourself.

Again, it doesn’t have as much detail as James Webb’s first photos. But, it doesn’t need to compete with James Webb. They’re both designed to look at things differently. And, with Hubble, if we find anything that looks exceptionally intriguing, we can always add it to James Webb’s list of missions.

NASA, which co-manage Hubble’s operations, released this new image in August. As James Webb and Hubble continue to observe the universe, we’ll undoubtedly see even more amazing photographs from the two. Hubble and James Webb will continue to be used by astronomers to collect great data such as this, and to learn more about the origins of our universe.

Perhaps in the future, we’ll get an even more mind-blowing look at this Hubble star cluster image when James Webb revisits this location sometime in the future.

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