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As more greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, it becomes harder and harder for heat to seep into space. The global temperature rises, which could lead to more greenhouse gas emissions. Researchers have found a way to stop this runaway greenhouse effect. This is an enormous danger for planets such as Earth.

Understanding the effect that runaway greenhouse gasses can have on our planet is exceptionally important, not only to protect our own home but also to understand the atmospheres found on exoplanets beyond our solar system.

According to new research from astronomers at the University of Geneve (UNIGE) and CNRS laboratories in Paris and Bordeaux, the runaway greenhouse gas effect could easily be spurred forward by water vapor, which could effectively cause planets like Earth to become so hot that they are boiled alive.

It is a grim reminder that human-driven global warming can be a very grim future. But it’s necessary if we want to avoid this. Researchers say that once a planet has completed its initial climate change, the clouds, the atmosphere and the structure of the earth are altered. This, they say, can make it difficult to halt a runaway effect if it were to start.

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The concern, of course, is that such a runaway greenhouse gas effect could essentially cause planets like Earth to become more like Venus, trapping the heat that usually seeps through the atmosphere over the planet. Of course, this would only lead to more greenhouse gases being released. In the case of these new simulations, the researchers believe that water vapor could be one of the most dangerous gasses to any planet.

While there are several types of greenhouse gasses, water vapor is very hard to control, and as the global temperatures increase, even more water vapor can be released into the atmosphere, essentially creating a blanket that traps heat inside. On Earth, if that were to happen, it would lead to surface temperatures of more than 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hot enough to melt the lead and even higher than temperatures on Venus, Earth’s evil twin.

It’s a terrifying thought, but research like this can help us understand the risks that come with letting climate change continue to spiral out of control. Some have suggested ideas for reducing climate change such as space bubbles. However, if we don’t take action to stop the runaway greenhouse effect then it could be disastrous to our planet.

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