Head of Instagram Gets New Profile Picture Taken by TikTok Photographer

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A photographer from TikTok shot the profile photo of Adam Mosseri, the Instagram head.

David Suh is a portrait and posing coach. He shows you behind the scenes of a photo shoot that Mosseri had with him in his studio.


He could’ve chosen any photographer

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“Adam Mosseri finally changed his Instagram profile picture. And I took that photo. It was scary,” Suh says.

” He is also the CEO at Instagram. Adam isn’t a big fan of getting his picture taken.”

Suh goes on to say that he did not get a chance to chat with Mosseri before the photo shoot because “he is a busy man.”

“And lastly, I only had an hour to photograph him. He explains that he did some prep work, including planning and conducting light tests.

“On the day of, Adam arrived at my studio and it was quite evident that someone of a public figure was in the area.”

He described the much-maligned Instagram head as “super-chill and very friendly, but also freaking tall.”

“I brought my A-game and did what I was best at: Creating a safe space for people to feel comfortable and guiding them into so they look their best in front of the camera.”

Suh captured some relaxed portraits with Mosseri’s new profile picture showing him looking into the camera with soft lighting.

“One of Adam’s notes about photos was that he prefers looking away from the camera versus looking at the camera,” says Suh.

“So to see that his profile picture was of the latter, I think we did a pretty good job.”

Posing Expert

Suh rocketed to fame after he began posting photography videos on his TikTok page where he advises people on the best ways to pose.


Just imagine me in a two piece (for educational purposes ONLY)

Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

The 26-year-old has posted dozens of clips where he explains how to pose properly for different kinds of photos. You will learn how to take better Instagram photos and how to dress for your graduation photo shoot.

Eyebrows will be raised because Mosseri’s company hired a TikTok photographer to help them get away from Instagram.