Harvard scientist continues to claim that he found alien tech in the ocean – DNyuz

Harvard scientist continues to claim that he found alien tech in the ocean

Pieces of a meteorite may hold evidence of an alien spacecraft, Harvard scientist Avi Loeb continues to claim. A notorious UFO hunter, Loeb has made several claims in the past about the existence of alien tech, including claims that ‘Oumuamua, an interstellar object that passed through our solar system in 2017, was an alien probe.

These newest claims, though, center around the discovery of 10 tiny spheres near the crash site of a meteor known as IM1. This meteor crashed into the ocean off the coast of Papua New Guinea in 2014, and the spheres were believed to be mostly made out of iron when they were discovered.

Loeb said that under a microscope you can see the distinct colors of brown and gold which makes them look like miniature earths. Loeb did not stop there. Loeb continued to claim that the spheres could be alien technology , or even an alien spacecraft.

These claims were criticized by other people, who said that the balls are coal ash ,or fallout of nuclear tests. However, Loeb continues to hold to his claims that the spheres are pieces of alien tech. In a recent interview with Boston Public Radio, Loeb shared new evidence to support those claims.

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“What we did is compare 55 elements from the periodic table in coal ash to those special spherules that we found,” Loeb told the radio station. “And it’s clearly very different.” Further, he says that the chemical composition of the spheres is completely different from anything else in the solar system.

Further, Loeb says that a lot of the skepticism is fueled by jealousy, telling the station, “It’s not based on opinions. And, of course, if you’re not part of this scientific process and you are jealous of the attention that it gets, then you can raise a lot of criticism.”

Whether or not the spheres are actually pieces of an alien spacecraft or alien tech remains to be seen. But you have Loeb holding fast to his claims while others are still refuting them with evidence of their own.

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