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Harvard scientist claims to have reversed his own aging

We’ve seen drugs that may increase the human lifespan, and scientists have even said they’ve figured out how to slow down aging altogether. Harvard molecular biology David Sinclair claims he reversed his own age by following four easy steps.

In a new report, Sinclair told Insider that when checking his biological age, his DNA registers as just 43 years old, even though he’s actually 53. He claims to have reversed his ageing, and his body is now aging more slowly.

According to Sinclair, the secret steps to reverse aging don’t require any kind of intense surgery. Instead, he says supplements, less stress, and even intermittent fasting have helped him lower his biological age and increase the longevity of his life.

However, it’s important to note that while these steps may have proved helpful, and have been tied to health benefits by several studies, their actual effects on increasing the longevity of human life are still untested and under research. As such, these steps shouldn’t be treated as medical advice, as the science behind them is still very mixed.

The simple steps Sinclair claims helped reverse his ageing are not difficult. He says that the first thing he does is to do aerobic exercises at least 3 times per week. Exercise is great for your health and promotes healthy muscle development.

The next age-reversing step that Sinclair swears by is drinking green tea match one to two times a day. The benefits of green tea to your health have been covered several times in different studies, and Sinclair says that adding it to your daily diet is a good way to help slow down your body’s ticking clock.

He takes resveratrol supplements, which are believed to slow down the ageing of human organs. He also says intermittent fasting is a great way to reduce his biological age.

Finally, the last age-reversing step Sinclair says he has followed to help slow his aging is avoiding idiots and jerks whenever possible. Sinclair claims that this can help reduce your biological age by reducing stress.

While each of these steps can have some benefit to your health, the research on just how beneficial they are to slowing aging is still mixed, and none of these steps should be treated as a cure-all for aging.

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