Flat and Fun 16MP Digital Camera is Made out of Paper

A Lomo-inspired digital camera made out of paper that can shoot 16-megapixel still images and film 1080p video is the 21st-century answer to a disposable camera.

The Paper shoot camera is a digital copy of the throwaway camera. It uses recyclable materials to preserve its sustainability.

But what makes this camera stand out from other paper and cardboard cameras out there, is that it has a face and back which makes it look like a real, yet thin film camera, like those classic two-tone silver metal and black Lomo style cameras from the 1960s or 70s.

The camera looks to carry much more than just a rudimentary imaging system on printed cardboard. The paper camera offers a 16MP image sensor, 1:2.0 focus-free lens, auto-white balance and exposure compensation, a simple viewfinder for framing pictures, and a micro-USB interface for data transfer. It runs on AAA batteries.

The camera also has a simple, one-button shutter, plus users can add a multifunction SIM card that brings four filters to satisfy the Instagram crowd, including color, black and white, sepia, and cool tone. The camera can also take 10-second 1080p video clips and offers timelapse.

Aside from these features that allow you to capture those “Kodak moments”, it can also be used as a toy by a photographer to have around or keep in your pocket.

This camera is a great gift idea for children who are interested in photography. It’s likely though that since this camera is made with a cardstock paper shell, it won’t be very water or dust resistant, even though the company claims otherwise.

The camera has enough space to hold a microSD card, so even if the battery dies, images can be saved to the card.

As reported by DIY Photography, the Paper Shoot camera can also swap out a variety of covers, which gives users the option to look like different camera models or colors.

There are also lens accessories including a “micro effect lens,” wide-angle lens, and a radial effect lens. Though seen exclusively in China, the Paper Shoot camera is making now available in North America for a retail price starting at $120 online at PaperShootCamera.com.

At that price, shutterbugs won’t find them on tables at a wedding reception, but first-time shoppers can bring the cost down with a popup 10% off coupon when visiting the site. The lens accessories are also on sale for around $25 each.