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Drug that makes humans regrow lost teeth will soon enter clinical trials

Some animals, like crocodiles and geckos, can regrow their teeth, replacing them throughout their lifetime. However, the ability to endlessly replace lost teeth has been beyond human reach for quite a while. Now, though, a team of scientists may have created a tooth-growing drug that lets us regrow teeth that we’ve lost, and it’s set to enter a promising clinical trial very soon.

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The trial is set to start in July 2024 and will first focus on participants with tooth agenesis, which is a genetic condition that causes the absence of teeth. The hope is that they’ll be able to regrow the teeth. They also hope to be able to make the treatment widely available to the general public in 2030.

Being able to grow new teeth is a dentist’s dream come true, Katsu Takahashi, the lead researcher on the new drug, said in a statement, according to New Atlas. “I’ve been working on this since I was a graduate student. Takahashi stated that he was sure he would be able make the project a success.

Researchers discovered that an antibody for uterine sensitization-associated gene-1, known as USAG-1, could stimulate the growth of teeth in mice that have tooth agenesis in an earlier study. Researchers found that the trick was blocking the interactions of the gene and other genes, which can often prevent the growth of teeth.

The original study was published in 2021. This new drug could indeed revolutionize how dentists work, especially to combat tooth agenesis and other related issues that lead to tooth loss or lack of tooth growth. It could also unlock the capability to replace missing teeth for any patient. This could change how dentists deal with these cases.

Hopefully, we’ll see some good results from the trial and more widespread options for this kind of drug treatment for people who need or want it.

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