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The continued use of artificial intelligence (AI) throughout the world has sparked a number of concerns and conversations. Some are concerned about the consequences of AI becoming too powerful and leading to humanity’s extinction ,, while others want to find ways to regulate AI. Now, an expert says that we may have to give AI the right to free speech.

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But why exactly do we need to give machines like ChatGPT the right to free speech? Well, a lot of it comes down to the inviolable right to freedom of thought, which international law dictates all humans possess. This right to freedom of thought essentially says that governments have a duty to create an environment where the people within are free to think how they want to.

And since AI is becoming such a huge part of our day-to-day, we may need to extend that right of free speech to those systems because AI can help support our thinking by providing information and offering up answers to our questions. This support then, has led to some pushing that AI deserves a right to free speech, too.

While it might be tempting to drape that right over AI like a blanket, an expert writing on The Conversation argues that we only need to give AI free speech if it supports our right to free thought.

One big part of the author’s argument is that AI systems are not people, therefore, they should fall under the same category as politicians and corporations. These corporations’ and systems’ thoughts and speeches shouldn’t be censored because they provide diverse and antagonizing sources of information. This allows people to think freely.

However, one big problem plaguing AI systems like ChatGPT is misinformation. Due to the possibility that AI systems can misfeed and invent information, giving AI complete freedom of expression could prove disastrous. A super-charged bot that spreads misinformation could influence people’s thinking by censoring other information.

This is a very interesting debate that should be further explored as governments seek to regulate AI.

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