‘Cocaine sharks’ could be chomping on drugs dumped off the coast of Florida – DNyuz

‘Cocaine sharks’ could be chomping on drugs dumped off the coast of Florida

We’ve seen Sharknado and we’ve seen the Cocaine Bear, but now it looks like we may be gearing up for an insane sequel: cocaine sharks. According to scientists, sharks off the coast of Florida may be feasting on bales of drugs dumped into the ocean. The plan is to experiment with the idea and see if it is indeed true.

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The experiment and subsequent investigation are all part of a new television series called Cocaine Sharks, which will premiere on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week near the end of July. The scientists want to see just how likely it is that sharks might be feeding on cocaine bales dumped off the coast. The results so far suggest that they may be hiding a cocaine addiction.

That’s because the researchers used fake cocaine packages and set them up next to fake swans. The sharks were more interested in the false cocaine bales than the swans. This could be because they knew that these bales contained something other than fake cocaine. The bigger issue is the way these chemicals enter our oceans and the impact they have on our ecosystems.

The researchers also tested dropping the bales from the sky, similar to a real-life drug drop. They found that when this happened, multiple sharks would move in to attack the bales. It’s an intriguing discovery and one that begs scientists to dig even deeper, which they will do in the television series, which kicks off on Wednesday, July 26, according to Live Science.

The scientists are hopeful they will also be able learn more about how these drugs may affect sharks, and other marine animals. They can find out if the sharks have been consuming cocaine by pushing for more testing and research.

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